In 1989, Hilda Snoops, the State of Maryland’s official Hostess, contacted the Baltimore Weavers Guild (soon to become the Weavers Guild of Greater Baltimore) about weaving placemats and napkins for the Maryland Governor’s Mansion.

The initial order of 24 napkins and placemats grew to 36 of each so that both the Governor and the Lieutenant Governor could each have a set.  After much work and sampling, an 8-shaft huck design by Elise Spencer was chosen for the placemats, and a sample of that pattern was used to decorate the four corners of each napkin.

Ten weavers and seven finishers worked to complete the project.  The biggest challenge was to produce consistency in both weaving and finishing.  The weavers wove a total of 45 placemats and napkins to ensure quality.  The finishers sewed 72 hems on the placemats and 144 hems on the napkins, which had mitered corners.

Debbie Rosenbush was the Committee Chair, who passed away in January 2019.  She remained a Guild member throughout her life.

Current Guild members who were among the weaving team include Pam Carey, Mary Pflueger, and Kathy Stackhouse. Marsha Herr and Carol Bodin was part of the finishing team.  Virginia West served on the planning and design committee.  Ed Hyland graciously lent a loom.

On display is a sample of the final placemat and napkin design.