Workshop-Now You Can Spin, Time to Understand Twist and Grist


For spinners who want better control of their wool yarns. Understand gear ratios, take-up, fiber preparation and selection, twist and grist.

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This weekend workshop is aimed for spinners who want better control of their wool yarns. We will cover understanding your own wheel’s gear ratios and take-up mechanics plus how they might differ from your friend’s wheel. I’ll cover why you might want to choose carding, combing, or purchased rovings and tops. The class covers various drafting styles that offer speed and/or fine control.

Most importantly we will work to understand two crucial factors that create the density of your finished yarns. These are the amounts of twist compared to the amount of fiber drafted – grist. You’ll see firsthand how to control these important variables to gain the consistency that you desire for your project. I firmly believe spinners can learn to spin multiple yarns from super thick to fine using one fleece breed.