Where the Shuttle Meets the Shed

Difficulty:  Advanced beginner
Saturday-Sunday, April 1-2, 2023

Class will be held in person – HCAC

Taught by Natalie Drummond

Course Overview

Day 1 – 9am-4pm
Weave deflected double weave samples on your pre-warped 4- or 8-shaft loom using various fibers and setts. (Note that there are a lot more design possibilities with 8 shafts.)

Explore selvedge methods “where the shuttle meets the shed” for beautiful finishing.  Discuss various finishing methods with and without agitation. Cut samples off loom and hand wash samples prior to Day 2.

Day 2 – 10am-4pm
Discuss and compare handwashed samples-movement/deflection versus differential shrinkage.  Explore a simple treadle or tie-up change to weave your own scarf with the remainder of your warp.  Or you can sample some more—your choice.

This in-person workshop may be taken alone or in conjunction with the prior workshop, “Color Lab with Deflected Doubleweave” (via Zoom on Mar 25, 2023; sign up separately). For those taking the first (online) workshop, you will prepare your loom to take to the (in person) workshop the subsequent week.  For those not taking the first workshop, you will prepare your loom independently based on instructions from Natalie.

Students will purchase or dye their own painted warps. Sources for painted warps include:

Blazing Shuttles – www.blazingshuttles.com/

Shiny Dime Fibers – www.shinydimefibers.com/

Syd’s Threads – www.sydneysogol.com/

Teresa Ruch Designs – www.teresaruchdesigns.com/store/c1/weaving

Fly Designs Yarns – www.flydesigns.com/

More instructions provided after registration.

Maximum number of participants: 12

Student Requirements

4-harness or 8-harness loom, must be able to dress the loom independently

About the Artist

Natalie Drummond is a former educator and fiber artisan living in Fremont, Indiana. Born and raised in Virginia, she developed a love of science, teaching, and fiber. Her earlier work focused on sewing and needle felting and she later learned to weave from a Fort Wayne Weaver’s guild instructor in 2016. Continual learning expanded from instructors within the Fort Wayne Weaver’s Guild as well as noted weaving instructors.

Natalie has pursued weaving with a passion. She is currently serving as President of FWWG and has served as Vice President of Programming. She also maintains a membership with the Fredericksburg Weavers and Spinners Guild. Natalie was awarded a MAFA Fellowship in 2019 and has been studying Deflected Doubleweave intensively. She has also taken additional classes with felters: Janna Mattsson, Judith Dios, and Moy MacKay and enjoys felting 2-D landscapes.

Her work can be found daily at the Orchard Gallery of Fine Arts in Fort Wayne and she was the featured artist in October 2021. Weaving can be found in Handwoven Magazine Nov/Dec 2021.


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