Now You Can Spin – Time to Understand Twist and Grist

Difficulty:  Advanced beginner spinner or beyond
Saturday, April 29, 2023, 1pm-5pm
Sunday, April 30, 2023, 10am-4:30pm

Class will be held in person – HCAC

Taught by Patsy Zawistoski

Course Overview

This weekend workshop is aimed for spinners who want better control of their wool yarns. We will cover understanding your own wheel’s gear ratios and take-up mechanics plus how they might differ from your friend’s wheel. I’ll cover why you might want to choose carding, combing, or purchased rovings and tops. The class covers various drafting styles that offer speed and/or fine control.

Most importantly we will work to understand two crucial factors that create the density of your finished yarns. These are the amounts of twist compared to the amount of fiber drafted – grist. You’ll see firsthand how to control these important variables to gain the consistency that you desire for your project. I firmly believe spinners can learn to spin multiple yarns from super thick to fine using one fleece breed.

This inspiration for this workshop came from my article “Limitless Corriedale, Density, Twist & Grist,” PLY Magazine, 2019 Spring, Issue 24, pages 26-37.

This workshop will be perfect timing – you’ll learn new techniques, just in time for the Sheep and Wool Festival so you can choose fleece or roving to try out your new skills.

Maximum number of participants: 15

Student Requirements

Ability to spin yarn using a spinning wheel.  Bring your own wheel.

About the Artist

Patsy Z is an innovative international teacher and lecturer throughout the USA, New Zealand, Canada, and Sydney, Australia. For almost 40 years, Patsy has created spinning and weaving classes presented at guilds and conferences large or small. During the past few years, she added virtual instruction, focusing on teaching personalized, close-up techniques as her husband provided the camera work for her live classes. Loving all the fibers, she maintains a wide focus while spinning multiple-ply yarns for variety and excitement. Between Victorian Video and Interweave Press, she has six commercial, full-length teaching videos. Patsy also writes for various national and international magazines.


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