In 1963, The Baltimore Flag House Association decided to remake the original 1812 U.S. flag, to be hung at the Maryland Building of the 1964 World’s Fair.

The yarn was sourced from the Dickeyville Woolen Mill, which dates from the 18th century, and repeated exactly the fiber of the original.  Thirty-two members of the Baltimore Weavers Guild (which would become the Weavers Guild of Greater Baltimore) wove the cloth using 30 ends per inch in the warp and 23 ends per inch in the weft.  Each weaver had to match this beat in order to weave a consistent cloth.

They wove a total of 532 1/2 yards of fabric, which was then hand sewn into a flag.  Lillian Braun was the Guild President at the time. The last of the weavers who worked on this flag, Virginia West, passed away in 2021. After the fair, the flag was returned to the Flag House, where it remains to this day.