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The Guild maintains a large library of books, videos, pamphlets, magazines and samples pertaining to weaving and other fiber arts.  These items are available to all members except distant members.

The library cabinets will be open and available from 7:15 pm to 7:45 pm at every monthly meeting when we have in-person meetings.

When we meet remotely, the library will be open once per month.  Upcoming dates are:

Tues, Feb 22, 2022 1:15-2:45pm
Tues., March 22, 2022: 6:30-9:30pm

To request a specific book, contact our librarian at

Our library collection is located in the Conference Room at the Howard County Center for the Arts, 8510, High Ridge Road, Ellicott City MD 21043. Please note the following COVID-19 guidelines and requirements for visitors to the Center for the Arts:

– Visitors must wear a mask and practice physical distancing (6 feet of space between others) while in public areas of the building (lobby, hallways, galleries, restrooms).
– Visitors must check in at the front desk.
– Hand sanitizer will be provided to visitors.
– If you are feeling sick, please stay home.
– Restrooms are available but water fountains are not currently in use.
– Air purifiers have been placed in public spaces throughout the building.

All materials are checked out for one month. A reminder of materials checked out may be emailed to members prior to monthly meetings. Borrowing materials is a privilege of membership and it is assumed that members will return materials when they are due so they can be enjoyed by others. If it is not possible to return materials on time, please email the librarian, who will renew the materials for another month. Fines will not be charged for overdue materials.  Material not returned within 6 months will be considered lost. As many of our materials are out-of-print, it is requested that members donate the cost of a replacement copy of lost materials to the Library.

Searching the Collection

You can search and browse our collection online any time.
The easiest way to browse the collection online is to search by Category.  This is the current list of categories:

01 – Cultural Weaving and History

02 – Fiber Collections – Swatch Collection

03 – Pattern – More Than Tabby

04 – Weaving Texts

05 – Tapestry

06 – Rugs

07 – Bands and Macramé

08 – Knitting – Lace – Crochet

09 – Spinning – Felting

09.2 – Felting

10 – Color and Dyeing

11 – Clothing and Accessories

12 – Design

13 – Basketry

14 – Miscellaneous

15 – Workbooks

16 – Video Media

16.02 – Non-print Media – Spinning

16.03 – Non-Print Media – Knitting

16.04 – Non-Print Media – Dyeing

16.05 – Non-Print Media – Sewing

16.09 – Non-Print Media- Audio Books 17 – Magazines

17.1 – Handwoven Magazine

17.2 – Spin-Off Magazine

17.3 – Handweaver & Craftsman Magazine

17.4 – Ply Magazine

18 – WGGB Presentation/Show Materials

19 – Fiction


The Book Bin feature is available without a login.  Simply browse, search, and add items to the book bin as you go. You can then enter your email to send yourself the list of books you’ve added to the book bin.

To access special features like reserves/holds, viewing your checked out items, and more, login using your email address.  Login features are only available to active guild members with login credentials.

If you are a guild member and need assistance with your login information please contact the Guild Librarian.

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