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At the start of a year, the guild often poses a challenge to its members.  The challenge is open to all regardless of weaving proficiency.  It is a fun and creative way to learn something new and interact with other guild members.  At the end of the year, guild members meet to show – and sometimes exchange – their work.


2022-2023: 75th Anniversary Challenge

In 2023-2024, we’ll be celebrating our Guild’s 75th year – the diamond anniversary.  In anticipation of that momentous year, our Guild challenge will be to create a wearable item – scarf, shawl, top, anything to wear – that is reminiscent of diamonds.  Diamonds can be in the structure or pattern, you can add bling to your yarn choice, incorporate anything that evokes diamonds.  And remember – diamonds come in many colors!

2021-2022: The Mohair Challenge

Scared of mohair?  Don’t be!  Take this challenge (and the free yarn) and commit to weaving something out of mohair for the 2021-2022 WGGB Challenge. Mohair yarn is courtesy of the Helen Patton estate.

Check out this information for suggestions on how to use mohair in both the warp and the weft.  Scared of Mohair

2020-2021: The Window Swap

The pandemic forced us to hunker down and live within the same four walls for months on end. We needed a change of venue so it was time for a “window swap!”  We took photos looking out our windows. Or a photo of something in our homes – something on the wall that we’d been staring at all this time or an object we loved.
All participants then received an an image from someone else to use as inspiration for a weaving project.
There were no rules on how we got inspired.

  • We could use the colors from the photo to determine yarn colors.
  • We could pick out a shape in the photo and mimic it in the structure or design.
  • We could grab a sense of texture from the image and incorporate that.
  • The results were literal, or abstract, 3-D….or not.
  • There were no rules.

At the June 2021 meeting, we shared our creations.

2018-2019: The Great Towel Exchange of 2019

Weavers generally love to make towels!  This challenge had no specific rules although there was an extra challenge to try using yarn from your stash or a structure you had not woven before.  Towels were exchanged at the June meeting.  Many also made an extra towel for the MAFA Conference 2019 towel exchange.

2017-2018: Bag Lady Exchange

Participants put at least 3 yarns – perhaps something they had not figured out how to use – in a paper bag along with some information about themselves.  Bags were exchanged (yarn sight-unseen!) and the weaver had to decide what to make with the yarn in the bag.  Final products were returned to the original owner of the yarn at the June meeting

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