Sixty Scarves for Sixty Years

A book of original weavings by Guild members

A Celebration of 60 Years of Weaving

To commemorate our 60th anniversary in 2009, the Weavers Guild of Greater Baltimore published a beautiful design collection book, Sixty Scarves for 60 Years. The original book sold out in a year and a half and has been sought after ever since.

The revised edition continues the full page color photographs, fabric detail photos and instructions for the original 60 scarves plus six new scarves contributed by the guild’s members, many of whom you will recognize. Virginia West, Tom Knisely, Janet Stollnitz, Diane Kelly and Georgia Groomes are among the 41 weavers who collaborated on the original project. The six new scarves were designed by Sara Bixler and Tom Knisely and were woven by guild members Joanna Crosby, Pat Capogrossi, Robin Leidner and Erica Jacobs.

This spiral bound edition contains full page color photographs, fabric detail photos and instructions for 60 +6 scarves. Drafts range from 2-24 shafts, including an inkle and triangular loom design. There are scarves woven with handspun yarns, painted warps and popular knitting yarns, as well as those that employ a variety of differential shrinkage techniques. This collection represents a myriad of tastes as varied as the weavers themselves.


Product Details:

  • Spiral Bound: 146 pages
  • Publisher: York Haven
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-0692091975

Errata – Sixty Scarves for Sixty Years

We found some errors in the First Edition; for all known corrections, see Addendum to 60 Scarves

Corrected threading order, for Shadow Weave, page 108, Second Edition, see Shadow Weave Scarf

From “60 Scarves for Sixty Years”

About Sixty Scarves for Sixty Years

Every warp incubates another step, another idea. From information handed down and refined by the skills of your hands and minds, you have given life to something that did not exist before. You have chosen to create beauty no matter how many yards it took and how many hours spent at the loom.
-Virginia West

Some patterns are complex. Some are simple. Some rely on color play. Some rely on complicated tie-ups and treadling. Some use unusual yarn choices. Some use supplementary warps or wefts. Wherever you are in your weaving journey, this book will provide inspiration. So much territory to explore!
-Jolie (

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