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WGGB has developed programs designed to give members a structured way to increase their knowledge of  weaving.  Participants who demonstrate proficiency at various technical levels– as determined by external review – are awarded a certificate.

Weaving Ratings Program

The Weaving Ratings Program is designed to encourage members to increase their knowledge of weaving as well as to show proficiency in basic, intermediate and advanced techniques.  The program provides members with a structured study guide and sets standards for measuring progress as weaver and craftsman.

The Program consists of three levels: Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master. Successful evaluation of the prior level is required before applying for the next level. Work submitted for one level may not be submitted for the next level.  All work submitted must be done independently, and not under any kind of supervision such as in workshops, classes, or study groups.

Download the WGGB Weaving Ratings Program requirements here.

Past Recipients of Certications

Apprentice Level

Theresa Christian (2022)

Anne Elixhauser (2021)

Rissa Karpoff (2019)

Sue Helmken (2011)

Sheila Rose (2003)

Ann Guralnick (1997)

Mary Pflueger (1997)

Laurie Duxbury (1993)

Peggy Howell (1992)

Claire Rutiser (1992)

Virginia Churchman (1990)

Pam Chicoine (1990)

Marsha Herr (1989)

Catherine Kuehne (1989)

Terry Moritz (1989)

Marcella Ruland (1989)

Alice Ann Drewke (1988)

Kellie Sims (1988)

Deborah Rosenbush (1988)

Jane Daniels (1987)

Catherine Lombardo (1987)

Frances MacIndoe (1987)

Marcella Pfeiffer (1987)

Marian Boyer (1986)

Barbara Chalmers (1986)

Peg Hudson (1986)

Mary Ann Jackson (1986)

Louise Lochary (1986)

Betty Nims (1986)

Journeyman Level

Rissa Karpoff (2020)

Sue Helmken (2012)

Sheila Rose (2003)

Terry Moritz (1990)

Jane Daniels (1988)

Catherine Lombardo (1988)

Betty Nims (1988)

Marcella Pfeiffer (1988)

Deborah Rosenbush (1988)

Peg Hudson (1987)

Barbara Chalmers (1987)

Mary Ann Jackson (1987)

Louise Lochary (1987)


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