Equipment Rental

Contact the Equipment Chairperson at to make sure your item is available and get the price.  Then enter that price here and click Donate.



Borrow equipment for your next project.  Contact the Equipment Chairperson at to get the price before purchasing.

Guild equipment is available for rent to all individuals who have been members of the WGGB for a minimum of three months.  (This requirement is waived for new members who have completed WGGB’s Beginning Weaving class.)

Anyone renting equipment must fill out the WGGB Equipment Rental Agreement.  The rental period is for three months. If no other requests have been made, the rental may be extended on a month-to-month basis. There is a limit of one loom per member, per rental period. Exceptions to this limit may be discussed with the Equipment Chairperson who can be contacted at

An up-front payment of three months rental plus a separate security deposit is required for each piece of equipment.  Payment may be made by cash or check; returned checks will incur a fee. The Guild will refund the security deposit to the renter when the equipment and all accessories are returned in good condition. By signing the Equipment Rental Agreement, the renter agrees to pay for the replacement or repair of any lost or damaged item.

Teachers may not rent Guild equipment for their students. A member demonstrating gratis in the name of WGGB may borrow a loom or spinning wheel at no cost to the demonstrator.

If equipment is not available for rent, it may be reserved. All equipment must be picked up and returned after rental to the WGGB storage unit and the arrangements must be made in advance with the Equipment Chairperson or one of the committee members.

Price list can be found here but check with Equipment Chairperson to make sure the item you’d like to rent is available.